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Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@msn.com>

Greetings Enviro-Michers!

We are approaching a crossroads for solid waste management here in Michigan.  
We can either follow the path of environmental destruction, greed, and 
short-sightedness or follow the sensible path of comprehensive solid waste 
planning for our future!

The infamous Middaugh bill, HB 4037, will do more to set back solid waste 
management in this state than anything I can envision short of licensing the 
entire state as a landfill.  I can see the signs at the Michigan borders 

As previously posted by Dave Dempsey, HB 4037 will take solid waste management 
responsibilities away from counties and allow townships to deal directly with 
the waste management companies in siting future landfills.  The floodgates 
will open!  You tell me how cash-starved townships will be able to say no to 
the kind of money the waste management companies are throwing around.  Certain 
key, nameless legislators can't say no.

Currently, Mr. alley is trying to get the votes in the House Conservation 
Committee to get the bill to the House floor, where it will likely pass.  Mr. 
alley is doing everything he can to get the votes (To find out why, see the 
above paragraph).  As you read this, deals are being made, backs are being 
scratched, and (insert other cliche here).  

We need to do everything we can to help defeat this bill in committee!  Time 
is of the essence.  It could come up for a vote at any time.

There are several key swing votes in the committee that we are asking everyone 
who can to contact, particularly if you live in their district, but not only 
if you live in their district.  I guarantee they are hearing from the BFIs and 
WMXs and they aren't from their districts.  Please voice your concern and urge 
a NO vote on HB 4037 to these representatives:

William Callahan (D-26)
St. Clair Shores
phone:  (517) 373-0113
fax:  (517) 373-5932

David Anthony (D-108)
phone:  (517) 373-0156
fax:  (517) 373-8576

George Mans (D-23)
phone:  (517) 373-0845
fax:  (517) 373-7316

Gloria Schermesser (D-25)
Lincoln Park
phone:  (517) 373-0855
fax:  (517) 373-5175

Howard Wetters (D-97)
phone:  (517) 373-0158
fax:  (517) 373-5175

Bob Brown (D-16)
phone:  (517) 373-0857
fax:  (517) 373-5976

Emails have not been provided because Michigan legislators are generally 
unresponsive to emails.

Unless this bill is defeated, I envision a future of New York City garbage 
being disposed in our backyards (I'm not kidding--New York's Freshkill 
Landfill is approaching capacity and they are considering their options!).  I 
envision even more waste coming in from Canada, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, 
Wisconsin, and points well beyond.  I envision our roads in even worse shape 
from hundreds and hundreds of huge garbage trucks entering Michigan every day!

Please take the time to compose a fax and send it to each of these 
representatives or call at least one of them and voice your concern!  YOU CAN 


Jeff Surfus
Toronto Trash Campaign

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