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E-M:/ Let's start a "Search and Destroy" Mission on HB 4037

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Could it be that HB 4037, the bill to eliminate county solid
waste planning and substitute phony "host community" 
agreements that allow the garbage industry to walk all 
over local citizens and planning/siting concerns.....

....Could it be that this bill and calls for its defeat is the 
one statewide environmental issue that should command
the attention, participation, involvement and engagement
of all citizen environmental organizations and environmental
activists in our state in a large scale call to arms???

Could this be the first major issue of urgency since the 
development of Enviro-Mich in which we can use
this communication network as a fundamental 
statewide strategic rapid response network for the sharing of breaking
political information and intelligence on this issue on
a daily basis??

Will someone commit to developing and publishing on 
the issue of HB 4037:

1.  Key message development for communications, including
     BRIEF talking points, availability of a piece of well-designed,
     well written generic anti-HB 4037 literature that any group can take
and republish
     as their own..

2.  Media strategy

3.  Editorial support strategy

4.  Publication of a battle book in electronic form

5.  Even more targeting information for activist efforts.

6. Clearinghouse functions to gather and collect individual
     activist lobbying reports, and other coordination/leadership
     level activities??

Can we "set combat mode on"  with this network???

......can we say "this is not a test" of the emergency 
environmental communications network????

Come on, MIchigan enviros, are you going to let City Management
(Tony Souve), Wayne Disposal (Michael Farantino, Jr), BFI, New
York and Toronto wastehaulers, and bought and sold politicians
like Tom Alley and Mick MIddaugh turn us into the "host" state
for everyone else's trash and garbage disposal???

When we all work together with considerable unity and coordination,
we can be a powerful force....  

Let's not let these term limited "legislators" sell our state down
the tubes before they leave office!!!!


Alex Sagady

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