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E-M:/ old growth corridor width

Enviro-Mich message from "doug welker" <dwelker@up.net>

I spend a lot of time working on trails and reviewing timber management
proposals in the vicinity of trails.  I don't find it difficult to provide
recommendations for corridor width and logging activities from a trail
hiker's perspective, but I find it more difficult to make informed
recommendations based upon ecological considerations.  I know the value,
for instance, of corridors between relatively pristine areas of old growth
forest, but I don't have a good feeling for what corridor width is
required.  Certainly 1/2 mile wide corridor has a great deal of value, but
what about 500 feet, or 100 feet, or 50 feet?  I would like to have some
data I could cite which indicates that a 100 foot wide corridor, for
example, has value as a corridor, and thus say that I would not like any
logging within 50 feet of the trail.  I doubt that the public agencies I
deal with are likely to go for 1/2 mile or 1/4 mile or perhaps even 500
foot wide unlogged corridors.

Doug Welker, North Country Trail Association    dwelker@up.net (enviro-mich
subscriber, but I can't get your email response form to work in anything
but Eudora, which we only have in my wife's name)

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