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Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 15:29:48 -0700
From: Glen Sheppard <shep@freeway.net>
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Organization: North Woods Call
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(Zounds! Had some trouble with this thing. Or, more accurately, it had
some trouble with me. Don't know how to run it. Had to get son over to
show me how to change to this new address. Hope have it right now. This
stuff was not designed for oooold grunts.)

To the good stuff:

Gawd! It is stunning. Just awesome (as our youngest grandkids put it).

They are back!

Kirtland's warblers were heard in a clearcut, re-planted, several
hundred acre, jackpine plantation for first time in 1997 on May 16.
Jerry Weinrich, their nanny, and a DNR biologist, heard six males, in an
Ogemaw County (West Branch) plantation.

That means: They are still on this planet with us. They made it to the
Bahamas and back. (That's a heckuva lot better than ML and I did this
winter. Or are ever likely to do.)

Holler! Hoot! Howl! Go out and tinkle off the deck...to hell with
political politeness.

This is good stuff. Gut conservation. Slug a gatorade, or single malt. 

Mayflies? Trilliums? Yeah. But KWs are the real measure of conservation
at work. This is the real measure of professionals--like Jerry--making
natural resources work, despite the miseries people have wrought on the

Salute them. (And Engler says they are nonessential.

And, pocket this, The Grayling Chamber of Commerce once suggested KWs
should be declared a nuisance, a pest, and aborted. Why? Because they
compromised training of reserve rifle, armor and artillery forces who
the regular military would never dare call up for combat duty. 

They just spent $8 million on a new tank training range while Jerry
Weinrich has to beg pocket money for jackpine seedlings. 

Yeah. Read it and weep.

The KWs are the good news. Wanna get yer toes blasted off? Read this.

Shanty Creek resort, at Bellaire, is gonna put two 24-inch pipes in the
Cedar River to make snow. So folks can ski a coupla three, or dozen,
more days a year. 

Those pipes, according to DNR's top trout stream scientests, will suck
50 percent (yeah, that's half) of the water out of the river during the
winter. The impact on the aquatic ecosystem (trout, etc.) will be

The Cedar? Never heard of it? It flows between Mancelona (never heard of
it, either, aye? That's where Mary Lou was raised and she admits she
doesn't know why anyone built a town there) and Bellaire, and into the
Torch Lake system. In a court suit TU filed many years ago to protect it
(and won), DNR assistant fisheries chief Dave Borgeson described it as a
globally rare resource. It is Howard Tanner's "home" trout stream. One
of Michigan's, and the world's, finest. So good it is one of the streams
the DNR chose for its effort to reintroduce grayling a few years ago.

Now these guys are gonna suck half of its blood out of it in the winter,
when it is most vulnerable.

And they don't even need a permit to do it. 

Read that line again. And again. And again. 

That water, that resource, that belongs to us is theirs to use at their

Are we gonna stand for this? I ain't. 

Come up and look at the Cedar. Go east out of Bellaire. Where M-88 turns
south at blinker light, so straight. Drive along it. Get out and gawk.
Dip yer fingers, or toes, in it. Fall in love. This is a magic creature.

We have TU, MUCC, Anglers of the AuSable, Friends of the Jordan and
others in the stew. 

Whoa! Enuff war.

Last year, a record nasty winter. Our trilliums and maple leaves,
finally, unfurled May 18 on this drumlin. No way they're gonna make it
by tomorrow this year. Morels are about as rare as hair on my head.
Senior DNR wildlife field biologist Gary Boushelle reports ruffed grouse
eggs are growing fur. 

Ain't this fun?

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