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E-M:/ FYI -- TC$ gives Clinton "D"

Enviro-Mich message from lcvmi@igc.apc.org (Lisa Wozniak)

>     THE WASTE BASKET                    May 19, 1997
>     A Weekly Bulletin on Wasteful Government Spending
>     from Taxpayers for Common $ense
>Low Grades For Administration
>President Clinton has failed to translate his commitments to reinventing
>government and protecting the environment into leadership on
>environmentally-friendly budget cuts.  Clinton earned a disappointing 'D' on
>a Green Scissors Clinton Report Card released May 15 by TCS, Friends of the
>Earth and U.S. Public Research Interest Group.  The first ever Green
>Scissors Report Card graded Clinton on 57 spending and subsidy cuts proposed
>in the Green Scissors '97 Report.
>The President can do better -- each of the Green Scissors recommendations
>are consistent with the President's own goals of deficit reduction,
>reinventing government, and protecting the environment.  The report card
>called upon President Clinton to direct Vice President Al Gore to conduct an
>in-house review of the Administration's performance on Green Scissors issues
>and to recommend improvements.
>The Administration's few high marks on federal lands policies and water
>projects were pulled way down by too many failing grades on energy,
>agriculture and international programs.   Although the Administration is
>currently on academic probation, it can redeem itself with a strong
>performance during the coming months.
>The report card contains an "Honor Roll" for the Administration's most
>laudable achievements, as well as a "Detention Hall" for the failures.
>Items on the Honor Roll include the President's veto threat that stopped
>sham mining reforms, refusal by the Interior Department to allow a land
>transfer for the destructive Oregon Inlet project, and the National Park
>Service decision blocking the Stillwater bridge between Minnesota and
>Among the 16 "F"s landing Clinton in Detention Hall: Continued funding for
>Plutonium Pyroprocessing whose predecessors were twice killed by Congress,
>supporting a PR program to promote  "low-level" radioactive dumps, and
>solicitation of special funds for the Corridor H Highway in West Virginia.
> Copies of the report are available on our web site at www.taxpayer.net.
>Hard copies cost $5 and can be obtained by calling TCS at (202) 546-8500
>x101.  For further information on the report card contact David Madland at
>(202)-546-8500 x111 or madland@taxpayer.net.
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