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E-M:/ FACS journalism conference on land use and the environment

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>Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 10:00:49 -0700
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>Subject: FACS journalism conference on land use and the environment
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>Dear Journalist:
>Slots remain for the FACS conference for journalists, "Covering Land Use
>And The Environment." The conference will be June 6-8 at the Radisson Plaza
>Hotel in Southfield, Michigan.  From the descriptive flier: "Land use has
>been described as the fastest growing environmental story of our time. The
>United States faces environmental challenges growing out of changing
>land-use patterns. The patterns are themselves consequences of economic and
>population growth. Rules, regulations and laws are shifting to address the
>changes in land use. Inevitably, there are clashes between public and
>private interests. The FACS conference will address economic, legal and
>policy questions confronting journalists who cover this massive issue."
>Teachers at the conference will be: Robert Stavins of the JFK School at
>Harvard, James Brown of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, James Krier
>of the University of Michigan Law School and Frank Wykoff of Pomona
>College. Speakers debating land use policy: former New York Times reporter
>Keith Schneider, now head of the Michigan Land Use Institute and Stephen
>Dresch of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.
>Registration is $100. FACS has obtained a special room rate for
>journalists. To register or for information, call Chris Gardner or Jackie
>Watson at FACS, 213/851-7372. Complete information, including agenda and
>registration instructions, is in the journalism conference section of
>Yours truly,
>Doug Ramsey
>FACS Vice President
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