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E-M:/ backyard barbecues are safe

Enviro-Mich message from mienvcouncil@igc.apc.org (dave dempsey)

Many thanks to the Environmental Information Center for dousing the
Michigan Legislature's resolution urging the EPA not to ban backyard
barbecues to protect air quality under proposed new EPA standards.
Approved this week, the resolution says "some federal officials are
proposing restrictions on the use of charcoal and gas grills for cooking"
and urges Congress and EPA not to restrict the use of barbecue grills.

After obtaining a copy of the resolution this week, EPA Administrator Carol
Browner said she doubted any state or local jurisdiction would choose to
prescribe barbecues as a strategy for meeting any new air standards because
it would "defy common sense."  She added:  "Apparently, the sponsors of the
Michigan resolution have been hoodwinked into believing that a federal ban
on backyard barbecues could actually happen.  That is an unfortunate
indication that some opponents of these proposed standards continue to
spread outright falsehoods in their campaign against them."

EIC then illustrates how ludicrous is the falsehood.  Since backyard
barbecues are .06% per cent of air pollution in the country, it would take
500 billion backyard barbecues a year to equal air pollution from
industrial sources, or 100 barbecues a year for every man, woman and child
in the world.  Alternatively, if every household in America grilled 14
hours a day every day of the year, this would equal the air emissions of
U.S. industry.

Dave Dempsey
Michigan Environmental Council
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