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E-M:/ sphalt/concrete crusher plant in Warren/Centerline

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Subject: Request for help: neighborhood noise and odor problem

An asphalt/concrete crushing plant is about 3/4 of a mile from my house.
Despite this distance the neighborhood is subjected, on an almost daily
basis, to the the stench of asphalt and a loud roar that sounds like a
jet taking off.  I have talked to the EPA and Lansing Air Quality about
this.  They have informed me that:
         there is no danger from the asphalt fumes,
         there are methods to reduce both noise and odor (which the co. is not
currently using),
         objectionable odors can be the basis for regulatory action, but it is
difficult to do.
Does anyone have any information about health dangers from asphalt? Any
advice on how to best convince the company to be more freindly to the
community?  One complicating factor with regard to city noise ordinances
is that the plant is in Warren but most of the homes affected are in
neighboring Center Line. (Angelos Crushed Concrete - you may have seen
the mountain they are building next to 696 and Mound)

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