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E-M:/ Solid Waste Update

Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@msn.com>

Would you like a small glimpse of what we can expect on a large scale if HB 
4037 passes in Michigan?  Read on...

It seems the City of Windsor, Ontario is in a bind as to where to put its 
municipal sewage sludge.  Bids have been taken and the city is down to two 
choices--using it to rehabilitate contaminated Fighting Island or pelletizing 
and presumably selling it.  The problem is the City cannot make up its mind.  
So there will be a 16 month period where the sludge will have to be dealt with 
while they decide.

They have been considering landfilling it locally in Ontario in the interim 
period.  Enter BFI and WMX, who have contacted Windsor about their interest in 
helping them out.  These generous multinational corporations, good neighbors 
that they are, have offered up Michigan's landfills for Windsor's municipal 
sewage sludge!  

This is a relatively recent development and we may be able to stop it if we 
raise enough stink (so to speak).  According to Rick Coronado in Windsor, they 
are trying to get the City to not landfill it at all and use it in a more 
beneficial fashion, such as fertilizer.  He indicates that local pressure 
there can stop landfilling, but it's needed on this side of the border to keep 
it from slipping over here.

I will be finding out more from Rick as to who to contact in Windsor and will 
post the information as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I feel this is a very small indication of what the future holds if 
we let HB 4037 become law.  

In two years, I don't want to be looking back at the good ole days in Michigan 
when we only had a few landfills in border counties accepting out of state 
waste.  I don't want to be fighting battles over incoming Hamilton, Ontario 
municipal sludge to Bay County, New York City's garbage to Lenawee County, 
Chicago's excrement to Paw Paw County (unless tom alley wants it in his 
backyard), Minneapolis' refuse to Marquette County, etc. etc. etc.

If you haven't yet contacted those swing reps. (Brown, Callahan, Mans, 
Schermesser, Wetters, and Anthony), PLEASE do it today!  A subcommittee 
hearing is scheduled for June 4.

Jeff Surfus
Toronto Trash Campaign

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