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Re: E-M:/ oil drilling in Lake Michigan, HB 4037

Enviro-Mich message from "Karen E. Vigmostad" <vigmo@pilot.msu.edu>

At 12:55 PM 5/29/97 PST, you wrote:

>Wait a minute -- I thought this was banned in the 1980's -- what is the story
>here?  Isn't state law such that it is illegal to drill for oil or gas under
>the Great Lakes? This was done with full recognition that slant drilling might
>make it possible to access sites from on shore, but nonetheless the law was
>pushed to prevent such drilling.  Or did that also get changed in some late
>night deal?  Anne Woiwode

Anne and others:
Oil drilling in the Great Lakes IS banned via an agreement among the Great
Lakes governors (former Gov. Blanchard spearheaded this while in office)
similiar to the water diversion agreement.  I find this proposal alarming
and would like more information so we can follow through and make sure this
does not happen.  The world's largest reservoir of surface freshwater should
never be subjected to any kinds of risks from oil drilling.  
Karen Vigmostad

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