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Enviro-Mich message from Ann Frisch <fan46@execpc.com>

Food Banks in Michigan were asked this week to refuse to feed Michigan DNR's
toxic laden Canada Geese to the poor. (As of Tuesday, the permit from USFWS
had not been issued, pending receipt of letters submitted to the Michigan
DNR).  The Michigan DNR has asked the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a
permit to slaughter 3,000 Canada Geese and relocate 12,000 to public hunting
areas.  Food Banks were asked to consider the effect of toxic laden geese on
the poor they serve.  Please call and register your views with the directors
of Michigan food banks.  Phone/fax follows.

Dr. Warren Porter has urged caution in feeding these geese to the poor.
Canada Geese consume toxic chemicals including dieldrin, DDT, PCBs, lead,
paraquat, dicamba and other chemicals from industrial sites and our toxic
laden golf courses and manicured lawns.  Two studies show that "...1-5 ppm
PCBs may be sufficient to induce behavioral changes in ... humans...We know
very little about the impact of other stresses, such as nutrition and
disease state that can exacerbate chemical toxic effects."   "If a short
term exposure occurs at a critical window in fetal development, there may be
permanent effects on development."  Dr. Porter is Professor of Environmental
Toxicology and Chair of the Zoology Department at the University of Wisconsin. 

The following letter of concern was sent to the Food Bank of Eastern
Michigan and the Gleaner's Community Food Bank, both potential recipients of
the Canada Goose bodies.  In telephone conversations, both Kerr and Kastler
expressed concern for the well being of the poor and the maintenance of high
quality of food provided to them.  Their telephone and fax numbers are
provided. E mail addresses were not available.


To:       Mr. William Kerr, Director, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan
Fax:      (810) 239 4498; Phone:    (810) 239 4441/4499

To:       Mr. John Kastler, Gleaners' Community Food Bank
Fax:      (313) 923 2247; Phone: (313) 923 3535


I'm writing on behalf of many citizens in Michigan and other parts of the
country to ask you to not accept the bodies of Canada Geese which may be
offered to you by the Michigan DNR.
The Michigan DNR has asked for a permit to kill 3,000 Giant Canada Geese
and relocate 12,000 (we believe in the Saginaw area) this summer.  They were
in court on this matter last summer and the courts  refused to intervene to
stop the slaughter.  The court did not rule on the issue of feeding the geese to
the poor, but the problem remains that many of these geese the Michigan
DNR proposes to feed to our poorest citizens routinely consume toxic
chemicals.  Canada Geese have unknown trajectories and eat from industrial
sites and our golf courses and manicured lawns, laden with herbicides. 
Moreover many of the geese suffer from lead poisoning.  The Wisconsin
Humane Society recently examined a dozen or so geese with serious lead
poisoning.  Fortunately for the poor, those geese died, and would never be
rounded up and slaughtered.   In Clarkstown, New York, the Health
Department withdrew its support for feeding the slaughtered geese to the
poor when the geese were found to have high levels of toxic lead.  The
Coalition for the Homeless made a public statement rejecting the inhumanity
of the slaughter as well as the exploiting of it to feed the poor.  Physicians'
Committee for Responsible Medicine has publicly denounced the scheme.
In two instances this winter, two flocks of geese were found with lead
poisoning, one at Oletha Kansas; the other at Smithville Missouri.  
Humane Societies in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan have denounced the
slaughter and feed program.  The Human Society United States is actively
working to stop the round up in Michigan.  We have copies of  numerous
statements asking Secretary of the Interior Babbitt to stop all new permitting
and revoke all permits until this issue can be examined on a scientific basis.
In a recent statement  Dr. John Hadidian Director of Urban Suburban Wildlife
Programs, Humane Society of the United States said, "The HSUS maintains
that there are more humane and equally available methods for managing geese
that exist already, but simply are not being given a chance to work... (W)e
disparage the actions of driving wild geese into holding pens, separating
dependent young from adults and adults from one another to destroy the
tightly knit family units that geese establish, and the subsequent delivery of
these wild birds, as if they (were) simply a farmable cash crop,  to
slaughterhouse processing lines.  These actions are inhumane and cruel."
We are all supporters of decent food programs for the poor.  We hope,
however, that you will decline to participate in the cruelty to the animals as
well as the likelihood of long term health effects to the poorest of Michigan's
I am enclosing a copy of Dr. Porter's two letters to the Coalition to Protect
Canada Geese, as well as the statement by the Coalition for the Homeless and
the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine.  (The Minnesota report
is a faxed copy, so if it is not readable, I will foward a copy by mail). 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.  I will be glad
to talk directly with Mr. Gonya about this issue.  I look forward to hearing
from you on this matter.
Many thanks for your interest and concern.

Ann Frisch, Ph.D., National Coordinator

Ann S. Frisch
Coalition to Protect Canada Geese
PO Box 8254
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54903
(414) 235 2185 TEL
(414) 235 2285 FAX
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