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E-M:/ Oil Spill-Tresspass?

Enviro-Mich message from helen.leblanc@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Our neighborhood association is considering going after a company upstream of
us that is dumping oil into the creek (County Drain) that flows through our
neighborhood.  WE are considering some kind of legal action.

This company has been required to clean up their spills before the oil gets
into the Grand River, but the point of cleanup is downstream from our
neighborhood.  So far there have been no punitive fines; AIS has just been
required to send their people out with the stuff that soaks up oil.

What we are looking at is that the company is trespassing on our property,
killing aquatic plants and our "pet" toads and frogs and threatening our
waterfowl.  We consider the oil spills to be lowering our property values
since it is because of the stream and the frogs etc that we bought these
particular houses.  If homes in our neighborhood are less desireable the value
will obviously be lower.  Personally, I would like to put the scum out of

Are there any legal precedents we should know about?  Any pitfalls? Advice?

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