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E-M:/ air-mail: DEMOCRATS TARGETED BY Chafee/Breaux -- CALL TODAY

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Call Sen. Levin's office (look in gov't section of phone book
for a local number)  today and ask that he NOT sign the Chafee/Breaux letter
being circulated by the anti-EPA standards guys in the U.S. Senate

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>Subject: air-mail: DEMOCRATS TARGETED BY Chafee/Breaux  -- CALL TODAY
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>The Air Quality Standards Coalition (National Association of
>Manufacturers) is making an all out pitch to Democratic Senators  to
>sign the anti- clean air letter Chafee/Breaux (only Breaux) letter to the
>The targets include:

>Levin (MI)

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