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Enviro-Mich message from Ann Frisch <fan46@execpc.com>

Letters are requested to oppose the legalization of baited fields.  This
would allow the State of Michigan to continue to operate baited fields to
attract and feed geese for hunters without being liable to prosecution by
the federal government. (In addition to baiting, common practice is to put
out protected nesting sites for geese and steel jaw traps to kill
predators). Here are e mail addresses (I include a cc to my own address. If
the recipients hit the trash button there will be a public record submitted
in hard copy.)

TO:   john_rogers@fws.gov, steve_wilds@mail.fws.gov, bruce_babbitt@ios.doi.gov,
        bmanning@dnrmail.state.il.us, burgoyng@wildlife.dnr.state.mi.us,
meyerg@dnr.state.wi.us, michigan@abraham.senate.gov,
senator@levin.senate.gov, president@whitehouse.gov, fan46@execpc.com,

John Rogers
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1849 C Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20240
phone: 202-208-4545
fax: 202-208-6965

Dear Mr. Rogers:  (cc above)

Recently citizens in Michigan have petitioned the Michigan Natural Resources
Commission to halt the proposed mass slaughter and relocation of Canada
Geese in their communities. One of the assertions made by the Michigan
Department of Natural Resources is that there are "too many geese" and
therefore they must be killed. Notwithstanding the subjectivity of "too
many",  the answer is found on the Michigan web page in which they admit
that part of their work is to increase the population of Canada Geese to be
living targets for hunters, thereby providing revenues for the Michigan DNR

Now recently we have been made aware of the proposal of the International
Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies to not consider their baiting of
Canada Geese and other waterfowl as violations of law (http:// dnr.
state.il.us/baiting/default.htm and
http://dnr.state.il.us/baiting/final.htm).  Although I am not aware of any
recent prosecutions of K.L. Cool (Director, Michigan DNR) or Brent Manning,
Secretary of the Illinois DNR and Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Baiting
or George Meyer, Secretary of the Wisconsin DNR, and Vice Chair of the
Committee on Baiting, they are now in fear of perpetual prosecution because
of their extensive baited fields in their respective states.

I note that Roger Holmes Minnesota DNR is the Chair-Executive of this
baiting body.  Under Holmes leadership, University of Minnesota Master Goose
Killer James Cooper just last year rounded up and killed 1,847 Canada Geese
because there were "too many!"   

Just the composition of this body makes me suspicious that there is
something unpalatable about these recommendations. 
The present regulations exempt bona fide agricultural fields from
consideration as baited fields.  However, Meyer, Manning and Holmes want us
to change "bona fide" to "accepted" agricultural fields (that is "accepted"
by the DNR and US Fish and Wildlife Service) in order to continue the
breeding of the geese.

The Coalition to Protect Canada Geese has maintained that if there are too
many geese, the DNRs should stop enhancing population growth as a first line
of defense from these birds who are said to be pooping in the wrong places. 

We request an Environmental Impact Statement on this action and full public
disclosures. Citizens who have suffered from the slaughter of their geese
want a full and public confession that in fact the DNR is the source of the
very problem the DNR seeks to correct.

Under 5 USC 552, the Freedom of Information Act, I request a copy of the
report and all supporting documents, including the names of all task force
members and any information about them from the public record.


Ann Frisch, Ph.D.

Ann S. Frisch
Coalition to Protect Canada Geese
PO Box 8254
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54903
(414) 235 2185 TEL
(414) 235 2285 FAX
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