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Re: E-M:/ Marc Gaden's latest message

Enviro-Mich message from Tim Flynn <tflynn@freeway.net>

On 6/4/97 1:52 PM ,algs@net-link.net wrote:
>Those of you who received Marc's latest message about the Landmark Great 
>Lakes Fisheries Management Plan, was your message received in what I 
>call the "Wrap-Around" mode. In other words, did his message come 
>through in very long lines? I can still read the message, but I can't 
>print a copy of these kinds of messages. Anyone have any ideas as to how 
>I can receive these messages so I can read the whole message on one 
>Al Smith

My messages also probable show up the same way.  There should be a setting
on your browser to wrap the lines around.   I use Claris email and it is 
automatic, Eudora also wraps the text.  In netscape mail you need to set 
it to
wrap.   I'm not sure about Wintel boxes, but on a Mac this is the 
standard way to
send text, it allows greater flexibility in formating a message or 
document, no extra
charaters at the end of lines.  I can set my window to any size and the 
text displays

For this message I've hit the return key at the end of every line to make 
readable for you, but your email program should be able to do the 

Do other PC user's have this problem of long lines?


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