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Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@msn.com>

Dave Dempsey said:

The news is nothing happened -- the House Conservation, Environment and
Recreation Committee did not act on any bills addressing solid waste issues
Wednesday. Chairman Tom Alley said H.B. 4037, the notorious "more
landfills" bill, is dead "at this time."  He faulted no one, but pointed
out that the solid waste disposal industry wanted a concession that others
couldn't agree to.  The bill will clearly not come up until at least the
fall, if ever.

This is a great victory!  Thanks to all who made the calls or sent faxes to 
the swing votes.  I have no idea if we had an impact, but we got what we 
wanted for the time being.  Keep those talking points handy if we need them 
again come fall.

The Committee deferred consideration of S.B. 4, which would limit
out-of-state waste, until next Wednesday. But the Chair did make it clear
he will support a substitute which will strip an amendment added in the
Senate which would enable DEQ to immediately ban waste from states that do
not meet Michigan's disposal standards because that amendment is "probably
unconstitutional" -- although it was drafted to reflect the reasoning of a
1992 Supreme Court ruling.  DEQ also opposes the Senate amendment.

Next we need to get S.B. 4 through committee, as it was passed by the Senate, 
if at all possible.   Alley's obvious ploy to put a substitute through without 
any teeth in it must be stopped!  Please contact any or all of the Committee 
members and urge them to support S.B. 4 as passed by the Senate, without 
additional amendments or substitutes.

Once again, thanks to all for their efforts to stop H.B. 4037!

Jeff Surfus
Toronto Trash Campaign

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