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E-M:/ Sewage Sludge Alert

Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@msn.com>

Hello Enviro-michers!

As you may have read in the 6/4 press release on enviro-mich, the City of 
Windsor, Ontario is about to decide whether to ship at least 33,000 tons of 
municipal sewage sludge across the border for disposal at BFI's Arbor Hills 
Landfill in Washtenaw County.  This will take place over a 12-15 month period 
while a new pelletizing process is put in place.

This is another misguided attempt by BFI to sell away our landfill space to 
out of state generators.  The City of Windsor, for their part, has made a very 
hypocritical move by even considering sending waste over the border to 
Michigan.  Representatives in Windsor have been very vocal in their opposition 
to other municipalities in Ontario (particularly Toronto) sending their 
garbage through Windsor to Michigan.  Now they are turning around and 
considering the same thing!

The good news is we still have a chance to get Windsor City Council, who has 
to approve the deal, to vote it down.  Other options are available for 
Windsor, including continuing to landfarm the sludge until the pelletizing 
process is operational or to use it to rehabilitate contaminated Fighting 

Please contact Windsor City Council prior to Monday, June 9 and let them know 
that Michigan residents don't particularly care to be the recipients of what 
Windsorites flush down their toilets!

At a minimum, please call the general number or consider sending a fax.

Below is a list of the City Councillors (that's how those wacky Canadians 
spell it) and their phone numbers. 

Windsor City Council (general phone-519-255-6315)

Mayor Michael Hurst (519) 255-6315  FAX (519) 255-7796
Dan Allen (519) 255-6608
Margaret Williams (519) 255-6688
Peter Carlesimo (519) 255-6657
Sheila Wisdom (519) 255-6775
Donna Gamble (519) 255-6679
Fulvio Valentinis (519) 255-6684
David Cassivi (519) 255-6678
Bill Marra (519) 255-6683
Rick Limoges (519) 255-6682
Tom Wilson (519) 255-6765

General email address for City Council:  mayoro@city.windsor.on.ca
The FAX number for City Council is the same as listed for the mayor.

Until we get some type of reform of laws in Michigan and at the federal level 
that will allow us to control what comes in, we are going to have to fight 
these small battles one at a time.


Jeff Surfus
Toronto Trash Campaign

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