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E-M:/ Poulson GR Press reply

Enviro-Mich message from anderlik@traverse.com (Chris Anderlik)

 Grand Rapids Press
Letters to the Editor

David Poulson's June 2 article about the deer herd heaped up wrath upon a
species unable to defend itself.  MDNR and its army of hunters have so
manipulated their proliferation to provide living targets that they have
produced 1.8 million deer where, before MI was settled, only 100,000 lived.
That fact should say something in addition to proving that hunting is not
good game management.

The regular season plus 16 more hunting days over Christmas is part of the
DNR's plan to reduce the herd.  It will be a blood bath of innocent does
resulting from the"scientific management" which has induced the doe/buck
ratio to as high as 30/1.  The real tragedy will be the fawns born this
spring who will lose their only chance to make it through their first
winter--their mother.

The same tragedy is occurring with the state's Canada goose population.
The big question is why are their numbers "out of control"?  Check the DNR
web site for their management plan--they are also manipulating geese for
maximum numbers for the hunters and no surprise--they have succeeded.  Now
they have applied to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to slaughter
thousands and replace other molting geese and goslings to hunting grounds.

Less than ten percent of the public are hunters.  Hunters shouldn't own our
wildlife.  When will Michigan officials place the animals' welfare above
the hunter's pleasure?

Chris Anderlik
4 animals

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