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E-M:/ Windsor sending sludge to MI

Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@msn.com>

Greetings Enviro-michers,

I bear the bad news that last night (6/9) the City Council of Windsor, Ontario 
voted to approve a contract which will begin the flow of its municipal sewage 
sludge into Michigan in July of this year.  Starting next month, the BFI 
landfill in Washtenaw County will begin receiving the sludge for a period of 
12-16 months.  At least 33,000 tons of what Windsorites flush down their 
toilets will be buried in our state!

What's next folks?

If you don't want this to keep happening, and it will unless more people get 
angry, consider doing something about it:

1.  Tomorrow, (6/11) the House Conservation Committee will be taking up S.B.4, 
which will ban out-of-state imports.  Please, if you care about this issue at 
all, call a member of this committee TODAY and let him/her know that they 
should vote for it as passed by the Senate.  Tom Alley wants to water it down 
with amendments or substitutes.  They can't let this happen.  Please call one 
or more of the following reps:

Callahan (517) 373-0113
Middaugh (517) 373-0839
Anthony (517) 373-0156
Brater (517) 373-2577
Mans (517) 373-0845
Schermesser (517) 373-0855
Wetters (517) 373-0158
Byl (517) 373-2668
Birkholz (517) 373-0836

2.  GET ACTIVE!  Let your media know what's happening in this state.  This 
Windsor contract almost went through without anyone knowing about it.  If it 
wasn't for an email from Rick Coronado in Windsor, this whole deal would have 
taken place without anyone knowing about it!  How many deals are BFI, City 
Environmental, Waste Management, etc. signing that we don't know about?

3.  Join us, the Toronto Trash Campaign, to help educate the public, lobby our 
legislature, and generally raise hell about this issue.  We need ideas, 
enthusiasm, and constructive anger!  

Jeff Surfus
Toronto Trash Campaign

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