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E-M:/ EPA Water Div Director, Midwest Region to met w/public on June 12 in Kalamazoo

Enviro-Mich message from Marc Elliott <melliott@kzoo.edu>

JUNE 2, 1997

Patricia Adams
Forum for Kalamazoo County

On June 12, the Forum for Kalamazoo County and the Kalamazoo Environmental Council will feature Ms. JoLynn Traub, EPA, Director, Midwest Region Water Division, speaking to "Directions the EPA is Headed with Water-Related Policies in the Next Five Years, and How Will Cooperation Occur?"  Her public presentation will be followed by a candid panel discussion of state and local officials.  Ms. Traub will discuss:
-How critical approaches which EPA is applying in environmental protection will be played out over the next several years.  Critical approaches include community-based environmental protection and its equivalent, watershed protection, common sense, customer service, partnerships and pollution prevention;
-Issues in "wet weather pollution" and directions EPA will pursue in the Kalamazoo watershed (a designated superfund site) and storm water programs for small cities and towns;
-Directions for the year 2000 in reducing total pollution through TMDL's (Total Maximum Daily Load Limits) to waters;
-Opportunities for "trading" among sources to achieve the most cost-effective, common sense solutions;
-The new Safe Drinking Water Act-expectations for source water protection and implications for groups and governments;
-Lessons we have learned from wellhead protection programs applicable to the future.
-How source water protection fits into the larger watershed protection program;
-EPA guides to forming partnerships to protect source waters; and
-Areas EPA has flexibility and areas they do not

Speaking about "Emerging Concerns About Water in Our Area" will be a panel of local and professionals from diverse perspectives:
-Kalamazoo County Environmental Health, Connie Cousins-Leatherman Groundwater Specialist 
-DEQ Surface Water Quality Division, Bill McCracken, Chief of Permits Section
-DNR Land & Water Management, Rich Powers, Assistant Division Chief
-Manufacturing, Peter Maas, Manager, Environmental Communications, Pharmacia & Upjohn Company
-Citizen Environmental Concerns, Connie Ferguson, League of Women Voters
-Municipal Wastewater, Bruce Minsley, Deputy Director of Public Utilities, City of Kalamazoo
-Education About Water for Youth, John O'Toole, Water Curriculum Development, Vicksburg Public Schools 

This public event is made possible through a grant from The Kalamazoo Foundation and includes dinner with members of the Forum for Kalamazoo County, a nonprofit civic organization.  The program schedule includes:

5:30 p.m.-Social and relaxing time (open bar with nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages)
6:00 p.m.-Buffet dinner ($20) featuring: 8 hors d'oeurvres, beef with butter wine sauce, baked chicken, manicotti with meat sauce, california blend with cheese sauce, garden salad, fresh fruit bowls, cream puffs with bavarian and apple creams
7:00 p.m.-Keynote by JoLynn Traub, EPA-Chicago, Director, Water Programs
8:00 p.m.-Panel of local water professionals on "Emerging Local Concerns About Water"
8:30 p.m.-Adjourn

The cost for the evening is $20.00 and includes dinner and the evening program.  Special arrangements can be made to attend only the program at reduced costs.  There will also be a special session for water management professionals from 3:30 -5:30 p.m. to discuss agency concerns and cooperation.

All events will be held on the Kalamazoo River, at Nikos Landing, 5876 Kings Highway, Comstock, MI.  Reservations for all events have been extended to noon on June 12.  Please call The Forum for Kalamazoo County at 337-7002 or sending your check to:  The Forum for Kalamazoo County, 217 Monroe Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006.

Who should attend: anyone interested in water for drinking, recreation, business, government usage and regulation, NPDES permit holders, well drillers, septic tank companies, environmental and community development consultants, planners, realtors, healthcare professionals, educators, youth of the future.

"This is a unique opportunity for community organizations and citizens to interact with the EPA in an open environment and  hear first hand the directions EPA is going under the current administration," stated Patricia Adams, Forum Director.   She added that "the quality of our water and how we manage it is central to the health of our community-economically, environmentally and socially    Our prosperity depends upon healthy, low-cost drinking water, and water which is as unpolluted as possible for recreational, business and home life."

Don Brown, President of the Kalamazoo Environmental Council emphasized that "Cooperation among the agencies, businesses and citizens responsible for improving water quality will be even more important in the years to come as resources are reduced."   "The watershed approach is new and requires educating ourselves to understand how agencies and citizens can work together to keep our waters from further degrading."

submitted by:
Marc Elliott
River Partners Program
217 Monroe St
Kalamazoo, MI 49006
voice 616/337-7382
fax 616/337-7257

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