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Enviro-Mich message from anderlik@traverse.com (Chris Anderlik)

Just discovered this morning that WIAA FM  Interlochen (Grand Traverse
area) carries the Consortium news spots between 6 and 7 AM on their PBS
Morning Edition news.  Great report on hot nuclear but the hidden threat of
bioengineered vegetables was really frightening!  Just didn't mention that
these altered veggies are NOT  labeled in any way and the only way to avoid
them is to buy organic!  The American public is being made guinea pigs for
Monsanto and the others and the FDA has sold us out.  Interesting that a
corn seed is registered as a pesticide (or was it herbicide?).  But what's
the differenc--the company has the seed and the weed and bug killer and the
money!  Where will the manipulation of nature end????????????

Chris Anderlik
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