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E-M:/ Reward, Aquathol - Hydrothol-191

Enviro-Mich message from Andrea Kinnie <andrea@eelink.umich.edu>

My parents own a cottage on Lake LeAnn, near the Irish Hills area.  Every 
year, for as far back as they've owned it (12 years) - I can remember 
a company coming in and "treating" the lake to rid it of excessive weeds.  
The lake is treated with:  Reward, Aquathol-Hydrothol-191  Does anyone 
have any accurate information on the real effects of these herbicides on 
the lake ecosystem.  The flyer they put up includes the following 

Lake treated June 9, 1997

Do not use treated water for swimming or bathing until 		June 10

Do not use treated water for crop irrigation, household
uses or animal watering until					June 16

Do not use treated water for lawn irrigation until		June 16

Do not consume fish caught from treated waters until		June 12

The DEQ has provided a permit to do this and the herbicides have been 
registered by the EPA. It goes on to say that the possibility of impacts 
on non-target fish and other organisms is minimal.

My father fishes the lake regularly and I have two Weimaraners who love 
to fetch buoys from the water (consequently gulping large amounts of 
water in the process).  I am concerned that we might not be getting the 
full story.  How does this stuff break down, does it accumulate in the 
fish, etc.?

				 Andie Kinnie
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