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Enviro-Mich message from Charles Cubbage <CubbageC@state.mi.us>

In general I'm opposed to the use of aquatic herbicides for several
reasons.  A number of years ago, I served as a resource person for a
student at Detroit Country Day who entered a science fair with an
aquatic project.   She dosed freshwater planaria with 2-4,D at the same
dosages as used for aquatic weed control - all sorts of developmental
abnomalities were observed.  Although society has more tox information
on 2,4-D than most herbicides, we still lack the basic information needed
to evaluate ecosystem impacts.  In terms of who eats whom, planaria
are not very near the top of the pyramid.  It doesn't necessarily take
much to impact the food web, and I know we really don't have the level
of knowledge needed to assure ecosystem protection from the
broadcast biocides as has historically been done.

Reason # two has to do with a fundamental difference between aquatic
and terrestrial applications.  Once in the water, it cannot be kept on
target.  As far as I'm concerned, if I choose not to use it and my neighbor
does, when it drifts it ought to be considered a trespass!!

All that aside, permits do allow aquatic applications, so your best bet is to
educate the neighbors and lake association to be concerned, and to at
least consider other options.  Educational approaches that develop
polarization are costly in more than one way, so think carefully about any

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