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Re: E-M:/ Non-Toxic cleaning, etc.

Enviro-Mich message from Ron Dwelle <dweller@river.it.gvsu.edu>

Related to this subject, a friend of mine is pushing a "cleaning ball"
for use in a clotheswasher. This ball has a liquid in it, but the liquid
never leaves the ball. It is claimed to be non-polluting totally, using
some sort of electric-charged relationships between clothes and dirt.
The ball is supposedly good for 1500 loads of washing. I tried one and
it seemed to work (but that's hardly a legitimate test). A single ball
costs $75.

Does anyone know if this is a scam (or how much of a scam it is). If it
works, it seems like a good alternative to the excessive amounts of
detergent going into our wastewater. I'm also interested because of the
"greywater" proposals for boats and cottages in Ontario.

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