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E-M:/ THE CYNIC analyzes the out of state waste issue....

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

At 02:21 PM 6/18/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from davemec@sojourn.com (dave dempsey)
>Rep. Tom Alley, Chair of the House Conservation, Environment and Recreation
>Committee, tabled Senate Bill 4 today.  Citing "grave concerns" about the
>constitutionality of a clause in the bill which would allow Michigan to ban
>immediately solid waste shipments from Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio (3 of
>the state's top 5 waste importers), Alley said the bill would probably not
>be considered until the fall.  He also suggested the offending clause would
>be removed, leaving a bill which does nothing but declare that Michigan's
>Legislature doesn't like out of state waste.

OK...Let me get this straight....

Tom Alley won't consider SB 4 until fall.  This gives him additional
time to extract more waste industry campaign contributions so he will
have more money to buy his motorcycle (that he mentioned in
a recent Off the Record show interview) and pretend like he is Peter Fonda in 
"Easy Rider."   Tom Alley doesn't like term limits because it may 
mean that someone other than himself might have a chance to 
govern for once.....so much for Tom Alley, the ultimate narcissist politician.

While Alley gives lip service to temporarily being against trucks of  
out of state trash until his campaign coffers get fuller,
he is solidly in favor of Michigan barbecues and will
mount the barricades with the Tenth amendment against federal initiatives
to ban barbecues that EPA Administrator Carol Browner say don't exist.

Maybe the rest of.our Michigan Government leaders don't like solid trash
brought in
with trucks from outside our state...but there is the exception of Rep. Mick 
Middaugh, who wants to make it easier for his rural constituents 
in Southwest Michigan to get up close and personal with Chicago area trash.
Mick wants
to empower his constituents by taking away zoning authority from 
local townships ....this is called "waste management local control."

Environmental and Natural Resources Committee Chair, Sen. Loren
Bennett doesn't like out-of-state waste coming to his district so he
introduced SB 4.  But the more Bennett crabs about waste in his 
district, the more he gets... i.e. Mike Faratino's PCB waste emporium
in Western Wayne County.  This is what happens in marginal districts...
Bennett could be run over by some Wayne Disposal Democrat next

But Bennett is sure of one thing....if waste comes to his district and 
it causes pollution violations, Bennett wants to be sure that the people
bringing the waste in can keep the violations secret with his audit/
immunity monstrosity from 1996.  But if they don't want to keep the 
violations a secret, they can keep from getting punished with civil
and criminal penalties.  Republicans call this a "law and order" approach.
This is the kind of permanent brain-damaged thinking caused 
after having a few too many at Michigan Chamber of 
Commerce Legislative Receptions.

But, while out of state trash and sludge head for Michigan,
it is OK with "Pothole John"  to allow the trash trucks to be
so heavy that they bust up the highways prematurely, as long as they pay
more money for the privilege of riding on Michigan roads.   Then, because 
the highways are busted up, we'll have to fix them.   So we can all wait 
in traffic construction zones with cars on idle getting 0 miles per pound of
emitted in construction zones.  This is OK, however, because we send this 
pollution on into Canada so that Southern Ontario breathes our airborne trash.

In the process of fixing the highways, we'll have to buy cement
from hazardous waste and tire burning foreign cement companies,
like those guys in Alpena and Milan, so we can bring more hazardous waste to
our state from
outside of Michigan while exporting cash to foreign corporate 
treasuries.  The foreigners will use the money to buy out even more United 
States basic industry in the name of the "world economy."
Those Alpena guys also get to bring in waste from Canadian power 
plants to use as raw material for cement, but that is good because the
wastes comes to Michigan in boats rather than trucks which break
up the highways.    The boats are picturesque and allow "host communities"
to feel less like "hosts" for waste disposal and forget the fact that the local
cement beasts are the largest toxic emitter in Michigan.

Meanwhile, deep thinking in the Executive Office of the Michigan 
DEQ and in John Engler's office leads us to redefine this out of state
waste issue.   If smog waste comes in from Chicago on the winds, instead of
on trucks,  it is then  good that the State of Michigan (a.k.a John
Engler/Russell Harding)
opposes national standards to keep Michigan citizens from having the
opportunity to breathe less of the airborne smog waste.  Governor Engler
believes that it is better to let Michigan children breathe more airborne smog 
waste legally than to put pressure on out-of-state sources blowing smog into 
West Michigan to cut their emissions.  

So it goes...


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