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U.S. EPA Region 5 News Release

Legal Contact: Tom Martin
(312) 886-4273

Technical Contact: Pablo Valentin
(312) 353-5592

Media Contact: Denise Gawlinski
(312) 886-9859

For Immediate Release: June 19, 1997

No.  97-OPA134


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 said
today that dredging of PCB-contaminated sediments will
begin next week at the Ford Outfall Superfund site, Monroe, MI. 
Under a recently signed agreement, Ford Motor Co. has agreed 
to do all cleanup, including:  dredging 44,000 cubic
yards of PCB-contaminated sediments from the adjacent River 
Raisin and disposal of the sediment and about 75
cubic yards of excavated soil from the Ford property.  

The material will be placed in an on-site cell specifically
designed for PCB disposal.  Ford will also monitor the air for PCB's, 
prior to and during the cleanup.  

Ford will do the work under EPA supervision.  Dredging should be 
completed by October 1997.  Estimated cost to
Ford: $6 to $8 million. 

The Ford automotive plant has operated at the site since 1949.  
A series of other automotive manufacturers
operated the facility beginning in 1929.  PCB contamination has 
been traced to a pair of fluid discharge outfalls,
leading from the plant to the River Raisin, which were closed 
in 1972.   EPA's involvement at the site began in 1992.

Cleanup of the in-plant sewers was done by Ford, under EPA 
supervision, from July to November 1996.

PCB's are a group of toxic chemicals, once widely used in industry 
as coolants and lubricants.  EPA banned the
manufacture of PCB's in 1979 because of evidence that they 
accumulate in the environment--including in
freshwater fish and in aquatic birds--and present human health hazards.

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