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E-M:/ Observation of Brown Haze over Lake Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from DAWri87302@aol.com

     While driving on Highway 2 in the upper peninsula, following the Lake
Michigan shore on Sunday, my wife and I observed a brown haze over the lake.
  We noticed it as we were in the vicinity of the Cut River Bridge.  We had
just noticed that the lower peninsula had come into view on the horizon (we
may have been a little farther east than the Cut River).  The brown haze was
really apparent as the sky and lake were brilliant blue, and the lower
peninsula was deep green.  It appeared to me to be the same type of haze that
I've seen surrounding Los Angeles.  I would like to confirm that my
assumption that this is in fact smog is correct (does anyone know who I might
be able to contact to confirm my hunch?).  And if what I saw is smog, is it
typical to observe the brown haze while driving along Highway 2.  I don't
think that Sunday would have been a big smog day, the temperatures weren't
excessively high?  If you have answers to my questions, send me an e-mail.  


Dave Wright

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