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E-M:/ Ozone standards

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Retry on transmission as previous version was garbled....

Enviro-Mich folks will be interested in this announcement from 
Clean Air Network concerning the proposed EPA standards
and the Clinton/Gore decision....

Yesterday, we probably would have had excursions over the 
0.08 ppm, 8 hour average for ozone/smog  at a number of west  
Michigan monitoring sites.

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>     At 2:00 this afternoon, Carol Browner announced that EPA will be 
>     officially transmitting their recommendation to the White House for 
>     review.  At this point its a rubber stamp approval.  At some point, 
>     the 
>     It is good news.

>              Now                   Proposed                  New/Final
Ozone    12/1-hour avg      .08/8-hour avg     .08/8-hour avg
>           1 violation/yr          3rd highest         4th highest conc
PM 2.5     nothing      15 annual average     15 annual average
>                               50 24 hour average     65 24 hour average
PM 10      1 violation/yr           98 percentile        unclear        
>     MESSAGE:
>     *  This is a big step forward for public health and the environment.  
>     These clean air goals will put us on the right road toward healthier 
>     air in the 21st Century.
>     *  These standards will improve the lives millions of Americans who 
>     are most at risk from air pollution - children, the elderly, and 
>     people with heart and lung disease.  This decision will save thousands 
>     of lives and prevent painful and costly sickness.
>     *  The President, Vice-President and EPA deserve great credit for not 
>     bowing to political pressure from some of the biggest polluters, and 
>     for standing up for public health and the environment.    
>     *  The Clinton Administration has listened to the thousands of health 
>     professionals and concerned citizens that spoke in favor of more 
>     protective air quality standards.  
>     *  As we now turn our attention to meeting these new clean air goals,  
>     we hope there can be a constructive dialogue about the most 
>     cost-effective and equitable solutions.
>     ------------------
>     At this point we do not have details beyond the numbers, but today is 
>     the day to celebrate the victory, and as always, the devil is in the 
>     details, but we will deal with that tomorrow.
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