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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:43:50 -0400
From: Brenda LiveOak <BlIVEOAK@worldnet.att.net>
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To: "Gloria E. Helfand" <ghelfand@umich.edu>
Subject: Re: E-M:/ 36 Cities Do Not Meet Air Quality Standards
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Gloria E. Helfand wrote:
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> On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, GreenPlanet wrote:
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> > Does anyone know which cities are on this list, is Detroit one of them?
> >
> Thanks to a friend, here's the info.  (Forgive Jonathan, who lives in
> Tennessee, for not knowing what county Detroit's in.)
> >From rubin@utkux.utcc.utk.edu Tue Jun 24 14:03:16 1997
> Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 13:36:49 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Jonathan D Rubin <rubin@utkux.utcc.utk.edu>
> To: "Gloria E. Helfand" <ghelfand@umich.edu>
> Subject: Re: E-M:/ 36 Cities Do Not Meet Air Quality Standards (fwd)
> Gloria:
> It looks like Detroit is ok.  The list can be found at:
> Jonathan Rubin
> Dept. of Economics, and
> Energy, Environment and Resources Center
> University of Tennessee
> rubin@utk.edu
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Detroit is not O.K.. The data is slanted, the monitors improperly
positioned. I have lived here all my life.  I do not beleive any of
those lists for a second.  I have been all over the usa and when I come
home I can see Detroit for miles. I drive home from work between 5:30
and 9:00 am each morning. I drive over the I-75 Rouge bridge. It is the
perfect view to see the smog. the air just sits there in one big cloud
as particulates tend to do when the ozone is bad. While The Rouge Plant,
Zug Island, the Wastewater treatment plant incinerators, and Marathon
refinery (to name a few) spew their guts out in perfect view of
everything. The air gets so heavy even the healthiest lungs can barely
raise a breath. Go see for yourself. while all the suburbanites sit and
enjoy a swim in the family pool on these hot summery days think of the
poor and minorities who are suffering in that area. Better yet educate
the family and take a tour of the area and see what I mean. 
When you take the tour be sure to drive through the area down Fort
street, Jefferson, Old Dix  and Oakwood Blvd in Southwest Detroit
(windows down please). Take a stroll down Zug island road and catch the
sweet scent of Nephthalane as it burns your nostrils.  I-75 provides a
nice view from the top so you can actually see the air (make sure you go
on a hot day and in the early morning, But it provides an escape for the
suburbanite who really doesn't want to drive through the area and see
the what an ignored environment as brought about.
Just ask the Canadians across the way (You can look across the water and
see right from the Jefferson WWTP outfall near Dearborn Street in
Delray) about what damage their air has (Just a friendly gift from their
neighbors across the water. Aren't we nice.) when the wind blows their
way. While we so strongly fight the battle to keep the Canadian trash
out of Michigan landfills who fights the fight to keep the trash in our
air our of Canadain lungs? Is it chance that an Arab neightborhood lies
right under the cloud of the pollution from the Rouge plant? Is it
chance that mostly Latinos and Blacks live in the shadow of Zug Island
and the Det WWTP? Is it chance that Edward oil, Sibole Oil, Marathon
Refinery are in the heart of poor white and black neighborhoods. Is it
some kind of strategy? If it isn't chance, isn't strategy? what is it? 
What about the high asthma rate of the children in the area. Go visit
Childrens hospital on a hot day and watch the kids coming in the door
because the children, who's lungs have been already damaged by the
polltuion, can't breath. 
Those unhealthy lungs are a better ozone monitor then any instrument
Wayne county or the state of MI can make.
I want to send this as is. I will not even spell check it as i am afraid
I will change it. Please before you tell anyone "Detroit is O.K." Go see
for yourself. I do not mean to get on a soap box here but this subject
is next to my heart. My own lungs sustain damage from the garbage I
breathed thier as a child. I have family and friends there. Half of them
suffer some kind of effect  from the air they breath. Please do not
write Detroit off as an area that needs help. Often in our fight to
prove our case we get caught up in the numbers and ignore other evidence
around us. That evidence is the daily lives of those citizens who are
most effected by problem we are trying to examine. That is not as easy
to measure. Beleive me those who pollute know that. so while we all not
run our lawn mowers and do not light up that grill, who stops the stacks
and incinerators and refineries in Detroit and Dearborn  who are running
with less than adeqaute contols? They are in non-compliance everyday. So
Marathon agrees to sell 5% cleaner gas, what a trade off. they get to
make that gas while they pollute the lungs of citizens who live in the
shadow of their poorly enforced emmisions. God, I could go on and on.
They just keep trading one victim for another. This is called a hostage

Brenda LiveOak

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