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E-M:/ Engler's going for three -- Let's write his Enviro Agenda!

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Michelle says he's running, so all doubt can be cast aside that the guv is
going for his third.  But before you start to mourn, think about it:  for more
than a week now the guv's precision PR team has been primarily focused on, you
got it, THE ENVIRONMENT! Sea lamprey, DNR reorganization, Brownfields, etc.,
this has been a week of highlights for our favorite issue.

While the spin has been outrageous, when you cut to the chase there ain't no
doubt about it, the ENVIRONMENT will be a BIG issue in 1998!

SO, since this mailing list includes many of the most thoughtful, as well as
the most knowledgable environmentalists in Michigan (as well as a handful of
lurkers, who are also invited to weigh in), seems like this is the place to do
the guv's work for him and create a 1998 ENVIRONMENTAL PLATFORM.  Heck, we can
be even handed and provide it to ANY CANDIDATE for GOVERNOR who would like it!
Of course, a lot of it may well be reactive to the current regime, but that
will work for either a "mea culpa" strategy from the current incumbent, or for
a true environmental replacement.

What do ya say, kids?  {Let me also suggest that this not be taken seriously,
although as with all good satire the underlying truths are what make it work
-- any reporters who find this intriguing, please check with people before
using their suggestions in a public forum! Thanks!}

Here are a starting place:

The Governor or his successor will have to remove Russell (Neutron Bomb)
Harding from the directorship of the DEQ in order to develop any credibility
on the environment.  There is no doubt this is a dedicated individual, but
there is also no doubt that his primary strengths, his "take no prisoners"
attitude, and the ability to avoid answering any significant question in a way
that numbs the mind of the questioner, has a shelf life that runs out after a
few years.  Like James Watt or Ann Gorsuch, this type of hatchet man is only
useful for a while, and then needs to be discarded in order not to turn into a
liabilty.  Harding has played his role well for the current ideology of the
Governor (Neutron Bomb refers to the ability to eliminate all the people but
maintain the infrastructure), but if the Governor's polling is showing what
the rest of the world shows, and if his political operatives have any sense,
they will know that Russ Harding has already peaked in his usefulness for this
administration.  Any nominations for successor?

Anne Woiwode

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