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Re: E-M:/ Engler's going for three -- Let's write his Enviro Agenda!

Enviro-Mich message from ecaa@igc.org (ecology center)

Why Anne, I think you'd make a great candidate for that job--though it
would take you away from the woods again.  But, I have to say, I think
you're selling  'ol man Harding's career a bit short.  Maybe he just needs
a change of locale.  I think that since he's done such a great job of
protecting the...business climate in the state, that maybe he's ready for a
post at the Department of Commerce.  Well, sure, he won't have as much
power selling out the environment every day over at Commerce, but maybe he
could feel better about himself,at least doing what he was SUPPOSED to be
doing (though we all know, a healthy env't is actually good for the

So whad'ya say, how 'bout a new campaign:  "HARDING FOR COMMERCE:  What's
good for business, is alright with me"

P.S.  Wasn't it great what Harding had to say about EPA's clean air rules:
"it will be devastating to Michigan's economy."  Not a word about cleaner
air, or reduced health effects that could result from it.  Nice Russ, keep
it up and maybe you will get that new position you want!

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