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E-M:/ Senator Releases Statement on Levin-Thompson Regulatory Improvem

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Here's Carl Levin jumping off the path/heritage of Phil Hart....

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>Subject:      Senator Releases Statement on Levin-Thompson Regulatory Improvem
>Announcement from RiskWorld:
>A statement released Friday, June 27, by Senator Fred Thompson on the
>proposed bipartisan Levin-Thompson Regulatory Improvement Act is
>available on line in RiskWorld, along with a summary of the proposed
>legislation. The Act will require cost-benefit analyses and risk
>assessments of major rules, a process for reviewing existing rules,
>and executive oversight of the rule-making process. A press release
>from the offices of the bill's sponsors, Senator Thompson, R-Tenn.,
>and Senator Carl Levin, D-Mich, is also posted. Visit RiskWorld at
>http://www.riskworld.com and go to the News Stories department.
>Mary Bryant
>RiskWorld (http://www.riskworld.com)
>E-mail bryant@usit.net

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