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FROM EPA Region V web page:

TITLE: Lake Michigan Forum/Technical Coordinating Committee Quarterly Meeting 

ACTION SUMMARY: On June 17-19, 1997, staff from the USEPA 
Air Division participated in the Lake Michigan
Forum/Technical Coordinating Committee Quarterly Meeting at 
the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory Corners,
Michigan.  Both the Forum (which is comprised of local governments, 
industry, academia and community groups) and the
Technical Coordinating Committee (which includes Federal, State 
and Tribal Agencies) are working in partnership with the
USEPA in the development of the Lake Michigan Lakewide 
Management Plan, a process for protecting and enhancing the
environmental quality of the Lake Michigan basin.  The meeting 
focused on the development of an outline for the revised Draft
Lakewide Management Plan Document including discussions 
on atmospheric deposition of toxic pollutants, the Lake Michigan
Mass Balance Project, sensitive areas around Lake 
Michigan, and land use initiatives in the Lake Michigan basin. 

CONTACT PERSON:  Todd Nettesheim 
TELEPHONE:   (312) 353-9153 
E-MAIL: nettesheim.todd@epamail.epa.gov 

TITLE:  Meeting with Detroit Stakeholders to Discuss American 
Heritage Rivers Initiative and Detroit River Remedial Action

ACTION SUMMARY:  On June 3, 1997, representatives from 
USEPA met in Detroit with  industry and environmental
representatives, city and county officials, Michigan State officials, 
and Canadian officials to discuss the American Heritage
Rivers Initiative and the impact it could have on the Detroit River 
Remedial Action Plan.  The Initiative, which was announced
by President Clinton in his State of the Union Address earlier this 
year, is an interagency effort (led by USEPA) to give
communities the opportunity to apply to obtain a designation 
for its river as an American Heritage River and thus receive
increased funding and support from federal agencies.  
Participating parties hope to get the Detroit River nominated as an
American Heritage River to help support the Plan.  A follow-up 
meeting took place in Detroit on June 18 to begin work on an
application to the Initiative. 

TELEPHONE :  (312) 886-4587 
E-MAIL: olender.marc@epamail.epa.gov 

TITLE: Michigan Public Comment Period on Proposal to 
Redesignation the Bay-Midland-Saginaw and Flint Areas to
Attainment for Ozone 

ACTION SUMMARY: On June 16, 1997, Michigan commenced 
the public comment period on its proposal (1) to request
redesignation for the Bay-Midland-Saginaw 
nonclassifiable/incomplete data and the Flint 
nonclassifiable/transitional areas for
ozone and (2) of the associated maintenance plan revisions 
to its State Implementation Plan.  A public hearing is scheduled for
July 16, 1997, at the Saginaw County Governmental Center 
in Saginaw, Michigan.  The USEPA will review the proposals and
will provide comments to the State as appropriate. 

CONTACT PERSON: Jacqueline Nwia 
TELEPHONE:  (312) 886-6081 
E-MAIL: nwia.jacqueline@epamail.epa.gov 


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