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At 02:03 PM 6/30/97 PST, you wrote:

>Alex:  Can you explain to us what the significance of the ozone excursions
>from a compliance with the Clean Air Act standpoint is? Health impacts have
>been being covered more lately because of the pending rules from EPA.
>Anne Woiwode

>From the standpoint of health impact, anytime you have 8 hour averages 
approaching 0.07 parts per million of ozone, you will have elevated
concerns about potential health impacts, according to the American Lung

>From a Clean Air Act legal compliance standpoint, a single "excursion"
over the level of a standard is not, per se, a violation of the Clean Air 
Act's ambient air quality standards for ozone.   The current standard
considers that a "violation" has occurred when the average number of 
days containing any hour over the standard exceeds 1.0 days per year
considered on a three year running averaging basis.

For the current ozone standard of 0.12 ppm, this means that you must have
4 days in 3 years or less where there was at least one hour in those
days over the level of the standard.

The proposed new standard, if it survives a lynching by Michigan's
Tailpipe John Dingell, Pothole John Engler and the rest of the
"Fear and Loathing at the Barbeque" crowd, will be 0.08 parts
per million for an 8 hour average and a total of 4.0 days
(containing 8 hour averages over 0.08 ppm) will be 
permitted on a 3 year running average basis.   The 5th day
will put an area in violation of the standard.

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