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E-M:/ Proposed NAAQS for ozone

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Schmidt <SCHMIDT@semcog.org>

There has been some confusion regarding what has been proposed for
the new primary ozone standard. I hope this clears things up.

The proposed ozone standard is relatively complex. To avoid additional
confusion I?d like to clarify the form of the proposed ozone standard as
proposed by the U.S. EPA. The proposed standard does not incorporate
the concept of expected exceedances or excursions. What has been
proposed is comparing the average of the fourth highest daily maximum
8-hour concentration to 0.08 parts per million. If the average is greater
than 0.08 ppm then a violation has occurred.

In practical terms this means that to determine if a violation has been
monitored, we look at the fourth highest 8-hour concentration for each of
three consecutive years at each monitor, take the average and compare
it to 0.08 ppm.


  Andrew D. Schmidt, AICP
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