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The notice of a public input process on project proposals under
the Pittman Robertson Program is the result of two years of
discussion and communication between Michigan Sierra Club forest
activists and the Michigan DNR Wildlife Division and US Fish and
Wildlife Service Federal Aid program.  For the first time that we
are aware of nationwide, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which
administers the Pittman Robertson Program, is moving toward
following mandated public input and environmental review
procedures. What this means is that Michigan citizens can expect
that on the ground activities in the 4 million + acres of state
public lands effected by this funding will move toward assuring
that all species of mammals and birds are being managed for
appropriately, that consideration of the impact on rare species
and sensitive ecosystems will be taken into account in
management, and that substantive public input into management
decisions on these lands will be guaranteed.

Pittman Robertson is a 60 year old program that is funded through
sale of firearms, archery equipment and ammunition.  The Wildlife
Restoration Act, which is its official name, was established to
bring back wildlife following the devastating march across the
land by the lumberjacks that destroyed the forests of this
region at the turn of the century.  The program has succeeded
well in the restoration of some game species, and this process in
Michigan has a chance to balance out restoration and recovery to
assure the health of a broader range of species.

If anyone would like more details about the evolution of this
process, we would be happy to provide background information,
although the materials are somewhat voluminous.  Contact me for
more information.

Anne Woiwode
Sierra Club Michigan Forest Biodiversity Program
300 N. Washington Sq., Suite 411
Lansing, MI  48933
(517) 484-2372

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