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E-M:/ Eco-Justice conference in Colorado: report

Enviro-Mich message from KWinch5940@aol.com

Hello EM friends -
This is something I meant to do sooner ... I'd like to share a quick "report"
of the eco-justice conference (God's Earth, Our Home) I attended in May in
Colorado.  Beautiful setting on the edge of Rocky Mt. Nat'l Park.  About 250
people from all over the country, and from 8 or so denominations, attended.
 We had a very full schedule for nearly 4 days.  
If anything, I want to give you all a shred of hope ... that there is such a
growing (though currently, somewhat small...like a mustard seed maybe?)
movement among people of faith who feel "called" to move our society - our
world - towards a more sustainable, moral, compassionate way of living on
this precious earth.  For many of us, this means doing what we can to awaken
that sleeping giant which is the Church ... so that this collective "body of
believers" will show, by their words (speaking out for what is right) and
actions,  that religious faith *requires* a more responsible and
compassionate way of addressing environmental issues.

One of many high points, was hearing a presentation by Undersecretary of
State, Tim Wirth (former Sen. from Colorado), on the issue of climate change
/ global warming, and the upcoming global summit on this in Kyoto, Japan (in
December, I think).  He quite articulately described the science of it, the
necessity of doing something *now*, and the great difficulties in getting
societies to seriously address, and respond to, this issue.  Letters to the
President (and our Mich legislators, a challenge, I know) in support of
higher fuel efficiency (CAFE) standards would be helpful, as well as general
letters of support to the President for the US to commit to reductions of
"greenhouse gases" and a firmer timetable to do so.

If anyone wants additional information on the conference, please email me
directly.  I'd like to add, in closing, that I have addresses for members of
the Eco-Justice Working Group of the National Council of Churches ( the
top-level advocacy people for many denominations), if anyone wants to contact
the appropriate person for your denomination -- they can tell you  what
position your church is taking on various issues (again, email me).  AND, let
me encourage any of you who do have a church home (or maybe did in the past)
to consider connecting your environmental activist "passions" with your
religious beliefs (it can be a great anti-dote to "burnout")... and be sort
of a "prophet" to help call the people of God, *back* to the basic tenets of
faith -- God created the earth; pronounced everything "good"; expects us to
"tend the garden" faithfully, (and, I would argue, compassionately, if we are
indeed made in God's image);  ... there's lots more, theologically, but I've
taken enough of your time.

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