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Enviro-Mich message from Glen Sheppard <shep@freeway.net>

Re: Anne's 27 June message on Engler's third term and purging DEQ of
Russ Harding. Hadn't turned this thing on in about a week, so just read

Anne is, of course, right that we gotta work on the 1998 governor's
race. We have to detail and articulate the issues. They are there. We
can make it a "promises made, promises broken" campaign with no trouble.
Need to work together on it. Put it together. I keep two notebooks on
the subject--one in barn one by fly tying bench. There's lots there.  

But, then, who do we get to carry the message? Folks I know who know a
lot more about politics than I do say there is no viable candidate
(person who can be nominated and elected) in either party who has a
genuine conservation agenda. That, they tell me, doesn't mean there
isn't a candidate who won't, politically, adopt a conservation
platform...but purely for political purposes.

So, where's that leave us?

As for replacing Harding. Don't waste your time. Sure, he's an evil
little wimp. But you're not going to get any better under Engler. Engler
may dump Harding, but the next slut won't be an improvement. (Maybe, Hal
Fitch? Moan over that.)

I can think of four people who would make great DEQ directors. Two of
them are still working, so won't mention them. Other two are Jim Truchan
and Don Inman. Reality is that none of the four would consider working
for Engler. 

Bigger challenge is to get Land & Water Management and Geological Survey
divisions back in DNR and get an honorable DNR director (Truchan?

Geezus! Consider this: There is no one in DNR front shed I would
consider going fishing with. (Or--I'm proud to say--who would consider
going fishing with me.)  

Oh, and fishing has been great. Except for jet skis. Best fishing I've
heard about is down your way. 

So, don't come up here!

And there's some great jet ski news. Doubt many of you read story in The
Call about the swan on Wixom Lake who is, literally, bombing jet skiers.
(May have read it in other papers; they picked it up.) Zooming in on
them and slamming them off their machines. 

Since wrote the story, have heard about several others. This is
fantastic development. We gotta protect these mutes. They have become a
precious resource. Doing a job we lack the grit for.    

Another subject: Hear moaning about state forest clearcuts, etc. Check
the North Woods Call story about ORV damage. As bad, or worse, than
ever. But who is raising hell about it? 

These guys aren't leaving stumps. They are leaving nothing in their
wake. That is spelled "nothing!"  As where nothing can any longer grow.

And that committee established by 1990 ORV law is about to recommend
that the machines continue to have free rein in UP. 

The cure? The only cure? Ban them on state land. As in B-A-N! Except for
a few handicappers, they serve no legitimate purpose. None! 

Just outlaw them! 

Do you 'spose they vote for (as Hughie would put it) Big Jawn?

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