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Subject: Out-Of -State Waste

I live in Duluth Minnesota. Our city is trending towards the national trend
of large garbage haulers taking over the services. We also have a state-of
-the-art waste processing plant that has been using garbage to incinerate the
biosolids. One large hauler sued and won a case against the plant (Western
Lake Superior Sanitary District, or WLSSD) charging that they could not be
told where to bring their garbage. The loss of this fuel means WLSSD is
preparing to find other means of dealing with the biosolids. It also means
that once the hauler finds a transfer station, that garbage is going to
MICHIGAN. I don't like the idea of sending garbage over state lines for
disposal. It would be better to continue the incineration, and be able to
lessen the flow to landfills.

Kinnan Stauber
4139 Lake Ave. S.
Duluth  MN  55802

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