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     EPA today is issuing the second report to Congress on air toxics 
falling into the Great Lakes, Lake Champlain, Chesapeake Bay and other 
U.S. coastal waters. 
     The report confirms earlier findings that air toxics are a major 
source of water pollution.

     The report finds that persistent and bioaccumulative toxic 
pollutants adversely affect environmental conditions in water 
bodies(bioaccumulative pollutants are those that increase in 
concentrations through the food chain, as larger organisms eat smaller 
ones). In the Great Lakes states, for example, air pollution has been 
one of the factors which have caused many states to issue fish 
advisories for PCBs, mercury and dioxins.

     The report reinforces earlier findings that the deposition of 
airborne nitrogen dioxide is a significant contributor to water 
pollution problems in the Chesapeake Bay.  In fact, atmospheric 
deposition is responsible for an estimated 27 percent of the annual 
nitrogen concentrations in the Bay, compared with 23 percent for water 
discharges from industries and other so-called "point sources."  This 
nitrogen in the Bay can result in excessive algal growth, known as 
eutrophication; this, in turn, can contribute to reduced oxygen levels 
in the water, causing harm to fish and shell fish.

     The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 require a biennial 
report to assess the contribution of atmospheric deposition to water 
bodies, the environmental and public health effects caused by the 
deposited pollutants, the sources of these pollutants, and the water 
quality standards violations that may have resulted from deposition of 
air pollutants. 

     Copies of the report, entitled "Deposition of Air Pollutants to 
the Great Waters,Second Report to Congress"(EPA-453/R-97-011,June 
1997), will be available through EPA's Air and Radiation Docket and 
Information Center (Docket Number A-97-21).  The docket can be reached 
via telephone at (202) 260-7548 or via facsimile at (202) 260-4400.  A 
reasonable fee may be charged for copying. 

     The report will be available soon on the Worldwide Web at: 

     Technical questions should be directed to John Ackermann of EPA's 
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards at 919-541-5687.

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