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E-M:/ seeking farmer or gardener who composts...with foodwaste -Reply

Enviro-Mich message from Charles Cubbage <CubbageC@state.mi.us>

There is a lot going on!!  The members of the Michigan Compost Council
(MCC) would be a good place to start with your inquiry ( we have at
least one row crop farmer who attends and is using compost).  Contact
Kerin O'Brien at 517-371-7073 for MCC info.  Also, there are a number of
Soil Conservation Districts that are aware of, or working with farmers on
compost use -  Greg Mund, Ottawa Co comes to mind.  Also, Mich
Integrated Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS) has at least one project
involving farm compost.  Meg Moynihan, MIFFS Coord at MSU can be
reached at 517-353-3209.
Also, FYI, one of my interests at MDA is ag composting.  As Science
Advisor for MDA, I get to be involved in this sort of issue and get paid!! If I
can be of any other help, give a holler - email or phone 517-373-9744.
Glad to see the interest.  

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