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E-M:/ Re: Low Level Radioactive Waste Dumps

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Enviro-michees: As many will remember, Michigan was the first
state booted out of the Midwest Low Level Radioactive Waste
compact when we failed to proceed apace in identifying the site
for the facility.  Now comes word (sent by the Sierra Club
staffer there) that Ohio, the second state picked as the host for
the disposal site, has also failed to meet its obligations.
See below:

Here's a summary of the resolutions passed by the Midwest Compact, 5-0 (Ohio
abstained so as not to make it look like they were going back on their duty
to provide the first site.)

Resolution #1 (in my summarized, non-resolution language)
-Ohio was designated as the first host state
-Ohio acted in good faith but did not yet construct the facility
-Midwest Compact waste has significantly decreased over the past 10 years
(114,700 cubic ft. in 1989 to 20,000 cubic feet in 1996)
-Other host states report that construction costs have soared ($105 to $216
million range)
-waste generators have access to existing disposal facilities which appear
to have sufficient capacity  to accept waste for a lengthy but indefinite
period of time
-the commission is at a critical point immediately prior to site selection
in Ohio
-all these things warrant reevaluation of the situation

-Development activities for a regional disposal facility for waste should
immediately and indefinitely cease
-Commission revokes all previous resolutions that designated, selected or
confirmed host states for the first regional disposal facility
-Commission will continue to provide funding for the Ohio LLRW Facility
Development Auth.  until Sept. 30, 1997
-the Commission commends a host of politicians and appointed officials in Ohio

Resolution #2
-Members states of the compact will benefit from the Commission's authority
over export of rad waste from the region
-member states will benefit from the Commission's authority over the
disposal of rad waste in the region at a non-regional facility
-member states will benefit from the Commission's authority to enter into
agreements to use existing or new treatment, storage, or disposal facilities
outside the region
-member states will benefit from the continued monitoring of national
developments regarding federal LLRW laws or policies, existing or new state
or compact disposal capacity, and generator or vendor management of LLRW
-such regional or national developments affecting the management of LLRW may
warrant Commission participation and action

-Commission shall maintain its current office and staffing for one year
-At the annual meeting in June, 1998, the Commission shall make any
appropriate changes in office and staffing, taking into consideration
regional and national developments, Commission activities during the
previous year, and projected Commission activities in the upcoming year.

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