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E-M:/ Michigan Delegation on Forest Roads Vote

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Michigan Congressional Delegation vote on Forest Road Subsidy issues......

Call your U.S.  Rep today because a reconsideration vote
may occur.....

Tell them to vote FOR the Porter Kennedy Kasich amendment
and AGAINST the Dicks Amendment and AGAINST 
waste of tax dollars on forest roads that end up
supporting below cost timber sales on national forest lands....

Look in the government section of your phone book
for local phone numbers of your representatives local
constituent offices.


[931] From: Debbie Sease at Sierra-Club-DC 7/11/97 8:54PM (14961 bytes: 268 ln)
Subject: WOE # 128
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July 11, 1997

"I've won and I've lost and winning is better."
                         --Some sports hero sometime in history


MAIN RING -- Timber Industry Dodges $41 Million Bullet


VOTE CHART -- Who's Good and Bad on Timber Roads


Thursday night the House voted on the Porter-Kennedy roads
amendment (see story below)  209 Representatives deserve to be
thanked for standing up to the timber industry and voting to end
the $41 million subsidy to road building in our national forests
and 211 deserve to get an earful of complaints for failing to
protect the environment and end this subsidy.  Check the list of
members voting yea and nay at the end of this WOE to see how your
Representative voted and act accordingly.  

If your Representative voted No (against the Dick's substitute)
thank them for their support in protecting our environment and  
saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
If your Representative voted Yes (for the Dick's substitute) tell
them how disappointed you are that they supported destroying our
environment and foolishly spending millions of taxpayer dollars.  

Call with Kudos or complaints on Monday.  Send a letter to the
editor with  praise or criticism as appropriate.

CAll YOUR REPRESENTATIVE MONDAY --  US Capitol Switchboard -

MAIN RING -- House votes 211-209 against ending the timber road
The big vote to end the taxpayer subsidies for construction of
new logging roads in our National Forests was held late last
night.  We lost the Porter/Kennedy amendment on a tricky
parliamentary move.  Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA) offered a substitute
amendment that cuts only $5.6 million from road construction and
reconstruction (instead of cutting $41.5 million) and put the  
purchaser credit program down to $25 million instead of a token
$1.  All of the members who were looking for "cover" called this
a compromise and the Dicks substitute passed 211-209.  
 The amendment is not a compromise, it is a sellout to the timber
industry and will allow it to continue polluting our water
supply, creating landslides, and fragmenting precious wildlife
habitat, not to mention that American taxpayers will continue to
pay millions of dollars every year for this corporate welfare.
Thank you for all your hard work on this vote so far.  They never
would have compromised if they hadn't known we had the votes to
win.  Their phones were ringing off the hooks--everyone did a
great job!  We want to let our members of Congress know that
we're watching them! 
PLEASE call your representative TODAY, while this is fresh in
their mind use the following chart to find out how they voted
last night. If they voted FOR the Dicks "compromise" amendment
and gave in to the timber industry, tell them how disappointed
you are that they support destroying our environment and
foolishly spending millions of taxpayer dollars.  
If they voted AGAINST the Dicks amendment, thank them for their
support in protecting our environment and saving taxpayers
millions of dollars.  No matter how they voted, let them know how
much this vote means to you and that you are active in your
community and you VOTE.
THANK YOU for all your hard work!

Vote chart follows at the end of this WOE.


Vote on Dicks Amendment   (NAY is Correct)

YEAS on "Dicks Amendment   (voting for taxpayer waste on forest roads to 
subsidize timber industry)

Nick Smith

NAYS  (voting against taxpayer money waste on forest roads for
timber harvest which are frequently below cost sales)


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