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E-M:/ Today's (Sunday 7/13/97) Michigan Smog Episode

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Today, Michigan had a smog episode with near misses to the
existing 0.125 ppm (1 hour average) national health
standards at Ludington, New Haven
(northern Macomb County)  and Muskegon.

New Haven in Northern Macomb County took the honors today 
as the location with the most unhealthy air today with data
as of 7 PM

The following sites would have exceeded the level of the new
Clinton/Browner/EPA ozone standards:

Warren, Muskegon, Northeast Detroit, New Haven, Algonac, Flint,
Otisville (Genesee County), Coloma (Berrien County)

Human ozone exposure at the concentrations experienced today
in Michigan can be expected to significantly aggravate the condition of
persons with pre-existing asthma and other lung diseases.

Another ozone episode is expected on Monday in both Western
and Southeastern Michigan (although there may be a frontal 
passage in West Michigan in midafternoon which may keep
levels down).

Here is the data (as of 8 PM...  northern lake Michigan sites
may have continued elevated transport related high ozone 
into the evening):

Location               Highest 1 hr            Highest 8 hour 

Warren                  0.100                           0.095
Ludington               0.123                          0.086
Muskegon                0.122                           0.095
N.E. Detroit            0.100                           0.095
Algonac                 0.112                           0.101
Flint                           0.096                           0.087
Otisville                       0.099                           0.092
New Haven               0.123                           0.110
Coloma                  0.095                           0.085

New Haven  is particularly sensitive from 
a regulatory standpoint since all this site needs is 
one more excursion day over the current standard and
the result will be that Southeastern Michigan will have
to reconsider its inability to maintain the health standards.

This is analysis by the Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter
Call Chapter Volunteer Alex Sagady 
(517) 332-6971 for more details

Issued 8:42 PM, 7/13/97

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