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E-M:/ JOHN ENGLER doesn't attend Great Lakes Governor's meeting....

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Note that something else was more important for 
John Engler than attending the Council of 
Great Lakes Governors

....so it goes with Pothole John...

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>Date: Fri, 18 Jul 97 09:33:39 PDT
>From: Jeff Edstrom <edstrom@great-lakes.net>
>Subject: CGLG Annual Meeting Press Release - July 10, 1997
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>Council of Great Lakes Governors
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>Brownfields Grant, Tour of Ship Highlight Day One
>Erie, PA (July 10) -- Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge and the other members of 
>the Council of Great Lakes Governors today received a $382,000 grant to 
>support brownfields redevelopment, highlighting the first day of their annual 
>meeting in Erie.
>The Great Lakes Protection Fund presented the grant to the governors to 
>support the Great Lakes states' efforts to restore abandoned industrial sites 
>to productive use.  Brownfields programs - also known as land recycling 
>programs - encourage companies to locate on abandoned industrial properties by 
>offering more limited liability and more reasonable cleanup standards as 
>incentives.  Such programs enhance job-creation and job retention throughout 
>the Great Lakes states, while also resulting in environmental benefits.
>"The Great Lakes Governors want to find the best ways to ensure that 
>contaminated sites are cleaned up to healthy levels and that they are put back 
>into productive use," said Ridge, chairman of the Council.  
>Ridge was joined by Governors Edgar (IL), O'Bannon (IN) and Thompson (WI) as 
>well as Ontario Premier Michael Harris and Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard.
>The announcement was made at Erie's Metro Machine Shipyard, in front of The 
>Algonorth - a Great Lakes bulk carrier that also serves as a floating 
>laboratory for scientists and engineers exploring ways to prevent aquatic 
>pests and parasites from entering the Great Lakes.  The U.S. Governors and 
>Canadian Premiers toured the ship and received an update on the project, which 
>was launched at the Council of Great Lakes Governors meeting last year.
>Organisms such as sea lamprey and zebra mussels have been transferred to the 
>lakes from ballast tanks of cargo ships, causing hundreds of millions of 
>dollars in damage to fisheries, recreation industries, and water supply 
>"We are proud to help develop technologies that will reduce the risk of 
>unwelcome aquatic nuisance species that can arrive unintentionally with world 
>commerce," said Ridge. "As states, we are connected to the needs and interests 
>of the Great Lakes.  This ballast water initiative recognizes that we are also 
>connected as a region to the rest of the world."
>The Algonorth project is supported by a $1 million grant awarded by the Great 
>Lakes Protection Fund last year.  The Fund was created in the mid 1980s 
>through an endowment from the Great Lakes states. Following their tour aboard 
>the Algonorth, officials again turned their focus to brownfields, holding a 
>roundtable discussion on the topic at the Avalon Hotel in Erie.  At last 
>year's meeting, the Council adopted a regional proposal offered by Ridge to 
>help the Great Lakes states further promote the cleanup and reuse of abandoned 
>industrial sites.
>The regional strategy has included the establishment of an Internet website to 
>provide Great Lakes states quick access to information about one another's 
>programs.  Also, the states compared their programs and compiled a list of 
>"best practices" which they draw upon to improve individual programs.
>Ridge maintains that a regional emphasis on restoring abandoned industrial 
>sites will continue to help the Great Lakes region shed its "rustbelt" image.
>"A cooperative effort in the area of industrial site reuse is becoming 
>increasingly important," Ridge states.  "Thousands of vacant and under-used 
>industrial sites can be found throughout our region and if treated properly, 
>can become a key regional resource.  As we turn our attention to industrial 
>site reuse, we will take the final step needed to put our rustbelt image to 
>The Council of Great Lakes Governors is a private non-profit organization 
>dedicated to the environmental and economic interests of its member states; 
>Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and 

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