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E-M:/ sand mine

Enviro-Mich message from Anne Cox <coxa@pilot.msu.edu>

Our neighborhood is in an uproar over a proposed sand mine.  I'm not giving 
up on preventing it, but if this thing goes through, I want to be standing 
there with protective restrictions.

I would appreciate any help you can offer a total newbie for finding the 
guidelines for sand mines in Michigan - what conditions the proposed land 
must satisfy to qualify for the permit, how it should be operated, and what 
controls can be placed on transport.    Any information on how communities 
have worked out agreements with specific operations would be much 
appreciated, too.

The location is in Shiawassee County, close to (but not on) the Looking 
Glass River.   The neighborhood is a mix of sand hills, wet areas, and 
glacial pothole type wet areas, rich in wildlife and native plants.   The 
proposed mine is a big sand hill, previously farmed.  TIA,
Anne Cox

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