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E-M:/ Isle Royale Gen. Management Plan Update

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Michigan's only national park is in the process of revising its General
Management Plan (GMP).  Newsletter # 6 has just been issued by the Isle Royale
National Park (IRNP) with a summary of comments from the public in response to
five draft management alternatives put out for comment last spring. In
addition, the newsletter contains the draft preferred alternative of the
planning team for the IRNP-GMP.  An initial analysis shows this draft
preferred alternative to have combined aspects of all five alternatives.  

Trails in backcountry would be designated primitive or backcountry, with the
front country limited to Windigo, Rock Harbor Lighthouse and Rock Harbor, and
wilderness portal designations at edge of front country, and at Daisy Farm,
McCarge Cove, Bell Isle, Malone Bay, Raspberry Island and Chippewa Harbor.

The plan would seek to separate motorized and nonmotorized activities through
removal of some docks and the designation of some waterways as non-motorized
or motorized sensitive.  

The activities of concessionaires would be ratcheted down to become more
consistent with the actual available utilities on the island.  Emphasis would
be on housekeeping cabins and elimination of the motel and lodge at Rock

For complete infomation, contact the Isle Royale Planning Team, National Park
Service, Denver Service Center, P.O. Box 25287, Denver, CO  80225-9901 and ask
that they provide you with a copy of Newsletter #6.  If you have not followed
the issue previously, you may wish to ask for previous newsletters as well.
This newsletter also includes a brief form for comment on the draft preferred
alternative, and asks those who are interested in receiving a copy of the
draft GMP/EIS documents that will be distributed for review later this year.
They ask for only those who really need a copy to request it.  

Anne Woiwode
Program Director
Michigan Forest Biodiversity Program
Sierra Club

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