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E-M:/ Reporting from Detroit WWTP

Enviro-Mich message from koseks@deq.state.mi.us (Sandra Kosek)

>The City of Detroit has not agreed to take part in the water quality
>network. No doubt their terrible record of discharges (and lost number or no
>numbers or coverup) at the Detroit WWTP may cause them to hesitate to public
>scrutiny.  No doubt they may/will want to find some way to "doctor" or
>"dispute" or "discount" the real numbers,  as they have been trying to do
>for the past 10 years,  of remedial action planning (RAP) in the Detroit


>by everyone
>being able to observe and comprehend the actual "real" numbers of substances
>being discharged to the Detroit River by the largest municipal polluter in
>the Great Lakes.  The people can then decide how much needs to be done and
>what has not been done.  They won't need agencies such as MDEQ to "fudge"
>things or "re-interpret" things for them.

The Detroit WWTP is required to submit discharge data to the state for 
specific parameters with limits or monitoring requirements, including flows. 
This discharge data from the Detroit WWTP is available to the public, as 
pure raw data if preferred. Anyone may submit a FOIA request to Surface 
Water Quality Division in Lansing or just call and ask for the data (tell 
the secretary at (517) 373-4621 that you want discharge data for the Detroit 
WWTP and she should be able to forward you to the appropriate person in the 
PCS (permit compliance system) unit).

This goes for any facility in the state that is required to submit discharge 


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