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RE: E-M:/ sand mine

Enviro-Mich message from Anne Cox <coxa@pilot.msu.edu>

Bill Tobler wrote:

>Mostly your "protection" comes from your Township's zoning ordinance.
>You need to check whether they have any significant ordinances >regarding 
extraction operations.  If so, you're in trouble.  If not, you're in
>deep trouble.

Exactly.  Our township doesn't do zoning, it's all passed on to the county 
(Shiawassee).  The last time we fought this, the county had minimalist 
regulation - operations until 10:00pm, no transport route restrictions for 
independent contractors, no noise, dust, or runoff provisions.  If we are 
to request regulations, we will have to present them to the county 
ourselves, with references to the other communities who use them.   What I 
am looking for at this point are blueprints for these regulations.  Thanks 
for your list of concerns to watch for, they will be helpful.

I'm starting to call county and township offices to request their 
regulations.  Are there any model townships out there?   Or any nightmare 
TIA,  Anne Cox

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