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E-M:/ AFL-CIO Bashes Sen. Carl Levin Reg Reform Bill

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

                    AFL-CIO JOB SAFETY UPDATE
                           July 24, 1997
  The latest in a series of regular reports on job safety developments on
  Capitol Hill.  In this issue: Appropriations, OSHA Reform, Regulatory
  Reform and Ergonomics.

  Comprehensive regulatory "reform" legislation (S.981) has been
  introduced recently by Senators Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) and Carl Levin
  (D-Mich.) that would establish a number of new bureaucratic requirements
  which threaten federal safeguards, including occupational safety and
  health standards.  There are a number of problems with the bill:
       1. It places unnecessary, redundant and time-consuming
  requirements on federal agencies that will severely compromise their
  ability to protect workers by issuing standards on ergonomics, health
  and safety programs, TB and indoor air quality.  
       2. It requires new cost-benefit anlayses and risk assessments that
  will distort OSHA rulemaking.
       3. It grants new powers to employers to drag agencies into court
  and further delay needed safeguards.
       4. It establishes regulatory review panels that would serve
  industry's effort to overwhelm the federal regulatory process.
       5. It includes an unacceptable look-back provision that puts
  agencies on an endless treadmill of reviewing existing rules and
  jeopardizes a generation of successful OSHA standards.
       6. It isn't needed   last year Congress passed a number of smaller
  regulatory bills, such as SBREFA and the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act,
  that need time to take effect before other "reforms' are added.
       Contact your Senators and urge them not to support S.981.  The
  Coalition for Sensible Safeguards has targeted the following members of
  the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee which may hold a hearing and
  markup on S.981 shortly after the August recess.  Calls need to be
  placed to the following during the August recess to let them know you
  oppose S.981: Levin (MI), Thompson (TN), Glenn (OH), Durbin (IL),
  Collins (ME), Specter (PA), Lieberman (CT), Torricelli (NJ), Cleland


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